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Bruce-a-Rama (from 7-11-01)

Here's a lame photo album I slapped together, mainly for the purpose of A)Proving I met Bruce Campbell after standing in line for 5+ hours B) making sure the guy behind me in line gets the pic I took of Bruce and him.
Not much to see other than the photos (yet, anyway) since I'm too lazy to figure out how to attach an image to an email with Outlook 5. Please do not mistake me for a total idiot; I've always been able to do this before in 2 seconds with other systems I've used, but I'm new to Outlook Express and Macs, and have only the most primitive knowledge so far.

I swear, I fiddled around with the attachment settings for, like, 15 minutes before I said the hell with it, I'll figure it out later. I probably have to screw around with the preferences, but I have DVDs to watch, baby!


What was I saying again?


A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide



I'm so sorry, but I forget your name, just that you had realy cool taste in movies. I managed somehow to get your email address, but I'm bad with names. Add that to the fact that I was NOT in my right state of mind at the time due to BC calling my "baby", and I'm amazed I even got your email.


And that's all the photos I had time to upload for now.
Thanks for stopping by.

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