Mafia Wives Night

is a mob thriller set in the early 90s. Marie, Connie, and Lina are all married to made men connected with the Magliore family in New Jersey. Marie is married to Tommy Russo, a young, ambitious man with an addictive personality and a short fuse who wants to prove his dead hitman father wrong. Connie is married to the biggest womanizer in the family, charming and connected with sex available to him every two feet. But Michael Ginelli has a secret only he and the underboss know about. Lina is married to Dominic Magliore, the acting boss and an old-school man of respect who is ruthless in his business life and affectionate at home.

When the FBI runs an undercover operation in which they spill secrets the husbands have been hiding from the wives, hoping they can get a wife to cut a deal and testify, the FBI and the husbands are in for the surprise of their lives as the women plot together to take care of their husbands in their own way.

Toss in a dangerous blood feud, an enforcer whose wife wears the pants at home and carries battle wounds that will make your jaw drop, a scheming goomata out for the ultimate payday, and you've got not only an entertaining, funny, and at times heartbreaking read that an 'associate' calls "The Sopranos meets The First Wives Club".

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