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BTVS Drinkin' Game

Please note that this is a work in progress.... besides the fact I don't have a ton of spare time, this game gets REAL complicated when you have to put in seasons, special rules, backstory, etc. Blame the incredibly complex, intelligent, interwoven storylines by Joss Whedon and Co. I'll try to do my best.

Pick a character or 'general' , get that tape/DVD ready, and start drinking! (milk, that is)


-takes off glasses and polishes them

-gets knocked unconsious

-gets conked over the head with something and DOESN'T pass out


-opens up a can of whupass and goes into "Ripper" mode - 2 drinks to celebrate

-snaps/loses it and yells at one of the Scoobies

-feels left out

-comment made about his tiny English car

-gets soome action- 2 drinks

-stares someone down

-makes a comment that shows surprising knowledge of teen pop culture - chug

-reminds Buffy of her Slayer duties

-trains with Buffy

-glares at Angel

-gets shot with trank gun by mistake

-uses English curse 'bloody' as adjective (Example: gets shot with trank dart by mistake and mumbles "great...bloody priceless" before passing out)

-we catch a glimpse of his earring hole


Buffy- Take 1 drink unless otherwise noted when:

-Buffy stakes a vamp, but they don't immediately die

-Buffy offs a vamp in a way other than staking

-SMG is obviously standing on a box to make her closer to other character's heights (she's barely over 5 feet)

-Buffy beats up Giles (for practice)

-Buffy beats up Giles for reason other than practice/training : 3 drinks

-Buffy beats up Spike -1 sip (Spike doesn't get off on it- 3 drinks)

-Buffy confronts a mortal bad guy -- 1 drink

-Mortal bad guy knocks her on her ass - 2 drinks

-Buffy kills mortal bad guy -- 2 drinks

-Dead mortal bad guy isn't dead and isn't mortal

-Buffy pins anyone to a wall

-Buffy has a confrontation with Principal Snyder

-Buffy talks back to Synder

-Buffy makes a joke (but not to a vampire/BB she's fighting at the time)

-Buffy pines over Angel

-Buffy pines over Riley

-Buffy has a dream

-Buffy has an unusually bizarre dream

-Buffy cries

-Buffy cries so hard over Angel or Joyce that you actually get choked up - 2 drinks and a hug

-Buffy gives bad-ass look (such as the shot over which 'Created by Joss Whedon' credit is shown)

-Buffy complains about being the Slayer and how it interferes with her social or love life

-Buffy looks cluless or actually says, "Huh?" at surprsing/confusing news

-The above happens right before a break to commercial-- 2 drinks

-Buffy pulls a stake out of some unlikely place (her hair, the top of her boot)

- Uses 'not' or 'so' ungrammatically

Faith (can only be used for seasons 3, far)

-calls Buffy 'B"

- tries to sleep with someone's boyfriend

-feels left out

-jealous of Buffy

-uses street slang

-is wearing more than one leather garment (Example: leather pants AND bustier)

-black bra strap(s) showing

-says "Five by five"

-mentions unhappy/rough childhood

-does something illegal


-uses "with" ungrammatically ("And again with the sorry.")

-mentions dysfunctional family or Uncle Rory

-glares at, insults, or threatens Angel

-is sent to pick up pizza/donuts rather than be assigned some important task

-pines over Buffy

-pines over Willow

-pines over Anya

-makes pop culture reference that viewers born after 1980 will probably not get

-bad hair day

-evil female demon/monster has the hots for him

-Xander so horny he actually considers getting it on with said evil female

-gets a new job

-reminds Anya not to talk about their sex life in detail in front of everyone

-puts foot in mouth big time

-tells Willow how much he loves her

-Snoopy dance


-makes crossover appearance (after season 3)

-strides grimly along, duster billowing in wind

-gets chained up and/or tortured

-very bad timing when going into vamp face

-pines over Buffy

-smiles (extra drink if teeth show)

-gives Buffy cryptic warning

-stakes another vamp

-practices Tai Chi

-drinks blood out of paper cup, glass, etc rather than feed on human

-threatens Spike

-wanders gloomily around mansion, feeling sorry for himself

-is seen reading a book

-gives Buffy some touching gift or makes very romantic gesture

-is hit on by clueless female who doesn't know he's a vamp

-we see tattoo

-mentions The Master, Darla, or Drusilla

-gratuitous shirtless scene obviously put in specifically for young female demographic

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But beware if you're a spoiler whore like me!


-someone we were sure was evil turns out to be harmless

-cameo by one of the writers

-someone/something gets locked in the cage in the library

-major character (defined as one who has appeared for more than 5 episodes or more consistently) dies

-major character kills somebody

-continuity error

-someone associated with the gang turns evil

-something chokes you up (beware of alcohol poisining if watching "The Body", "The Gift", "Wild at Heart", or "Becoming Part 2" if employing this one)

-flashback to over 100 years ago

-Bronze is trashed

-a character is unfaithful to their lover (extra drink if caught red-handed)

-new shot in credit sequence

-episode ends with smash cut to "To be Continued" caption


-Snyder takes pleasure in destroying what little enjoyment a student is getting from attending Sunnydale High

-Tara stutters a little and blinks shyly

-Dawn complains that she's not being treated like a grown up

-someone utters actual title of the episode in dialogue ("We're not supposed to move the body!")

-flaming arrows


-screws up a spell

-eyes go black/red when doing dark magick

-is heartborken when she sees a guy she loves making out with another girl

-her Mom's uptight-ness is mentioned

-makes ungrammatical comment with adjective in front of the word "now" (Example: "Bored now" or "Besides, um, gay now?") 1 drink, 2 for the notorious "Bored now".

-gazes lovingly at Tara

-uses bad judgement when deciding to perform a spell/ritual (Example: "Bargaining").

-performs a spell/ritual perfectly, only with spectacularly bad timing (Example: "Becoming Part 2")

-stakes a vamp

-mentions Miss Kitty Fantastico (extra shot if we see the adorable Kitty Fantastico)


-wears bright colors instead of earth tone

-speaks incantation in Latin

-does something uncharacteristically brutal or violent (extra drink to celebrate if the person had it coming)

-calls Dawn "Dawnie"


1 sip/drink:

-Calls Buffy "Slayer" when addressing her

-Spike gets drunk

-Some other character mentions how hot Spike is (extra drink if a guy mentions it)

-makes comment along the lines of "if it weren't for this bloody chip in me head..."

- pines over Buffy

-protects Dawn

-has hair messed up (extra drink if after sex with Buffybot)

-S & M double-entendre

-Spike picks up on S&M double-entendre

-gives Xander dirty look


-looks very hurt when Buffy rejects him


-refers to himself as The Big Bad

- yells and grabs head when chip activated by hurting human

-gratuitous "hero shot"

-uses British lingo such as "bloke", "bollocks" or "bloody 'ell"

-someone makes a derisive comment about his hair

(extra drink if compared to Billy Idol)

-nail polish visible

-gets pissed when someone refers to him as 'neutered'

-makes suggestive comment to Buffy

-makes very suggestive comment to Buffy

-makes comment to Buffy so dirty that you can't believe got by the censors (2 drinks)

-gets 'uninvited' from somewhere

-gets knocked unconscious or falls in the midst of epic, grandiose speech

-calls current lover "poodle" or "pet"

-gets the living sh-t beat out of him by Buffy (extra drink if he kinda digs it- beware of alcohol poisoning during Season 6)