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More Horror Movies to Avoid

I was hoping I wouldn't have to add more, but...

Return of the Living Dead Part 2 (1998) More, sadly, to come...

Return of the Living Dead, part 2, 1988

Just pretend this movie was never made, OK?

This movie is supposed to be a sequel to the first one (a hard act to follow, though part 3 was pretty impressive), yet it bears no real relation other than some poorly executed rip-offs from it. I rented this on video over 10 years ago, and my memory was: not very good, but cool FX in parts. This has now been downgraded as of today to complete POS.

I might have been able to tolerate this movie if they hadn’t blown it and made their biggest mistake by having James Karen and Thom Mathews return for this movie. In the first one, they played co-workers who started the whole chain of events. As you will recall, neither survived the movie, either dead or undead. In this one, they play co-workers who are grave robbers, though they did such a bad job establishing what the hell they were doing in a mortuary and why, that I didn’t figure it out till one of them stole a diamond ring from a corpse. If this is supposed to be the same fictional world as the first one, that breaks all believability immediately. At the very least, they could have stuck in some half-ass line about their twin brothers disappearing 3 years ago. But no. It goes from confusing (what the...) to insulting (do they think the people who saw the first movie aren’t going to remember them) to embarrassing, to... let’s see...
This movie lost me about 75% when they repeated their exchange from the first movie: “Do you like this job?” “Like this JOB???” never mind that it was said completely out of context for the scene. From there, it had lost me 98 percent, but then when I was horrified to hear the younger one say (after, of course, they turned out to have died like in the first one) “I don’t know, I get this feeling like this has... somehow happened before... deja va...” That did it. No excuse for that. I watched (or re-watched, since I rented it before... fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me... that’s right, I take full responsibility) the remainder of the ‘film’ only for the sole purpose of jotting down all the moronic things in order to do the most efficient job of ripping the movie to shreds ina review.

This review contains some spoilers. I’ve said it before, but trust me-- you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you read this instead and skip the movie. Not to mention, the movie is so predictable, you can see everything coming before it happens practically before you hit ‘play’.

I could write 10 pages of questions raised, but I’ll stick to the most inexcusable ones.

Wait, no. Let me be generous and start with the positive points of the movie. I had to reach pretty far to come up with any, but by God I came up with some,

1. Cool hairdo on one of the 2 female leads
2. A kid, about 10, who has been completely the stereotypical stock smart little but wholesome kid up until then, gives the realistic response, yelling, “Oh, SH*T!” when a seemingly dead body turns his its head suddenly to face him.
3. the zombies do not perform aerobics (more