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Goodfellas/Raging Bull/Casino Drinking Game

If you want to 1. get loaded in a BIG hurry and 2. proably get alochol poisoning, drink every time you hear the F-word. Be sure to have a bucket, mop, wastebasket, and paramedic crew handy. If you'd rather take it a little slower, play this game. It works best for Casino and Goodfellas, but also with Raging Bull. The criteria was that they be directed by Scorsese and star Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro. Ready?

Each person--not that you can't play the game by yourself, but the more the merrier-- pick either DeNiro, Joe Pesci, or the "General" column to watch for drinking cues.

Yo, Tommy!
You gonna let this guy get away with that?

Joe Pesci's character (NIcky in Casino, Joey LaMotta in Raging Bull, Tommy in Goodfellas) does any of the following:

-Pesci uses the f-word in a sentence in a way you've never heard before (Don't make a f**k outta me, Frankie!")

-kills someone with weapon other than fists, knife, or gun (eg ballpoint pen, vise)

-uses the f-word more than 3 times in the same sentence

-threatens to kill someone

-kills someone for some ludicously minor offense (such as oversleeping, bumping into him by mistake) that would only warrant, normally, a punch

-sleeps with Robert DeNiro's character's wife

-and lies about it to DeNiro

-says he must have been crazy for sleeping with her in the first place

-makes racist comment

-tells story that makes other characters roar with laughter

Robert DeNiro's character (Jimmy "The Gent" Burke in Goodfellas, Sam "Ace" Rothstein in Casino, or Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull).

Take a drink any time any of the following occurs:

-DeNiro's character (hereafter referred to, due to laziness on the author's part, as DeNiro) accuses someone of having sex with his wife

-DeNiro accuses wife of screwing around

-DeNiro's wife says she really IS screwing around

-DeNiro looks at someone with eyes narrowed, obviously mentally deciding they need to die

-extra drink if zoom shot and he's smoking, looking cool while doing it

-Extra drink if Stones are playing while he does it

-Asks someone "Whassamatta wit' you?"

-threatens to beat someone up or injure them

-calmly threatens to kill somebody

-not-so-calmly threatens to kill somebody

-DeNiro gets screamed at by female partner

-DeNiro's female partner screams at him while smashing heavy breakable objects

General: take a drink when any of the following occurs:

Vintage movie camera

-shot of Joe Pesci and Frank Vincent walking down the street togther, talking

-Pesci and DeNiro both beat up at a guy at the same time

-extra drink if they do the foot-stomp thing

-either one actually cries

-Pesci and DeNiro sit at a table with their friends, drinking, smoking cigars, and roaring with laughter

-Extra drink if it's because of something funny Pesci said

-Extra drink if they're also playing cards