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Days To Go - a novel of exotica, cough syrup, and the dotcom meltdown

Here's what some people are already saying about Days to Go...

"A cynical and witty look at post dot.com life....a definite winner...very current and very funny!" -Patrick Sanchez, Author of Girlfriends

"Hey, anything with severance, drinking, and lust is alright by me!" -anon

"Most interesting character? Carmen, indeed. Loved her from the first, got worried about her situation later, felt good when she & Gina went out for drinks & oh it hurt when (SPOILER DELETED BY AUTHOR)"

-Apryl Lightcap

Red Book, Turning

The characters are engaging, funny, and you get to caring about them. Dialog is great...

-R. Thayer

"right through to the end, you had me hooked."

"carefully rendered pop art...  rich in imaginative, insightful, humorous details"

-Chris Strodder, author of Swingin' Chicks of the 60's and the upcoming Lockerboy

"The whole layoff thing grabbed me right
away. Or maybe I could relate to it..."

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