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If you like my writing, then feel free to check out these other sites that I wrote content for. Thankyou. Thankyouvermuch.

Remember the good old days when Mondays Were a Bitch? Melrose Place "inspired" my first ever online writing published.

Another feature I did for Melrose Space (thanks to Stacie) and my personal favorite as it was a blast to write: my Top 10 lists (example: Top 10 Things I Can't Believe Got by the Censors" and "Top 10 Bitchiest Lines Ever".)

A weekly episode guide I wrote called "Did You Notice?"

Index...lots of great stuff from the site's writers and a gushingly sentimental article I wrote on the end of the series... corny , but I still stand by it.

Stan Young's Melrose Place site, "The Place", which has the most extensive archive of MP-related articles, period. He's a cool guy, too.

Not to mention....

Here's Stan's amazing archive. It got around what MP nuts the Melrose Space family were, and one day I got an email from a reporter asking me for my thoughts and feelings about the finale. Plus, The Finales that Could Have Been. Get ready to wish you had the power to go back in time and give them the money to shoot the series finale/s that would have been THE perfect way to end the show.

And, my rinky-dink site for the MS I'm shopping around.

Not a relevant photo, I just thought it was cute.