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Hey there! Sorry for the recent lack of regular updates...writing fiction on a daily basis takes it outta me, but I promise to keep the site alive and provide fresh as much as I'm able to. Speaking of which, see that "Make A Donation" button below? Well, writing, especially fiction, isn't paying the bills right now. In fact, 'till I see an advance check, copying and postage costs for sending out my manuscript actually causes my cash flow to go the other way. And since publishing is a notoriously slow business, I ain't exactly rolling in dough (I know, stop the ****ing presses). Like my reviews? Find the content on my site entertaining! Make you smile? Feel sorry for me? Want to support this site and a fellow struggling writer/reader/movie geek? Hey, you're in luck! A donation would make my day. There's no suggested amount, 'cause that would make the whole virtual panhandling racket even tackier. Any donation to keep the site, and me, up and running is appreciated. Thanks for reading, either way.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by the first primitive version of my site. I've written a ton of reviews, mostly for movies but also for books, and posted them on other sites over the years. When they got into the triple digits, I finally decided to start my own site and post them- and add new ones - all in one easy to find, copyrighted place! The site contains a fairly wide variety as far as genres of movie, though if I had to pick the most popular style, you'll probably find the most or horror and suspense. But you'll also find reviews for everything from the Big TNT Show to the Best of Phil Hartman. I plan to add more and more, so keep checking back.

This is the home page of my site; coming soon will be links to my book reviews, music reviews, and more. There'll also be a store, and plenty of links to other sites.

I'll also be revising the layout, so if you have any suggestions (keep in mind my site-building and HTML skills are pretty primitive at this point, and I ain't got the money to hire someone to make it snazzier for me) or if there's a movie, DVD, or book review that you'd realy like to see, drop me a line at the email address at the bottom of the page and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading and have fun!